Wiltons since 1742 review

Wiltons is another world. Walking in off the streets of London and being greeted by waitresses dressed up in old-school maids uniforms.To be frank it made me feel like a lady in downtown Abby.

I will say it was difficult to book a table for certain time slots, to then find the restaurant 20% full, kinda odd.The menu is quite traditional fish, meat, soups. But I did find it quite limited too in choices.

We started off with some oysters having just come into season. Some native some rock.

Then to follow I had a prawn cocktail, which has a really nice avocado mayo on the plate. The lettuce was wilted as it seemed to have dressed for a while. The star of the show the prawns were very succulent and not overdressed.

For my main, I decided to go for lobster bisque. I’ve never had lobster bisque before but I have had prawn/langoustine bisque. It’s a really rich soup and this ones seafood flavor didn’t live up to it and being lobster bisque I was expecting it to be so much juicier than prawns/ langoustine.

There was a little showy element to the soup bringing the bowl along with a saucepan with the soup then being poured in front of your very own eyes.

I didn’t personally have the special from the carving menus , but it was really nice to see a carving trolly going round as I really feel this in dining has started to die out.

Along with my meal we had some white wine which really just compliments seafood. Can’t remember the name now unfortunately.

For pudding I got the Amedei chocolate fondant with honeycomb and salted caramel ice-cream. This pudding was really well thought out with all the textures going on. But I could have certainly done with a little more ice-cream as I personally think with the size of the fondant it was slightly in-proportionate.

Rating for Wiltons 7*/10

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