The cake and bake show

London Excel hosted the cake and bake show and I was luckily enough to win a pair of tickets from Dr Oetker who are one of the main sponsors of the show.

The bake show had many different sections , food stalls , demo stages & loads of bake shops.

There were a lot of demos going on and some even let you get hands on with them. I do personally think getting hands on the product if possible is one of the best ways of selling as the consumer will see what it’s like and whether it’s what they’re looking for.

I sat down and made an edible flower with icing, which I then glitzed up with edible glitter.

Dr oetker had a very large area displaying their baking range as well as a station to decorate your own cupcake with all the sprinkles

For those who are interested you could book workshops for £6 which is a bargain to learn the skills they teach you in the short space of time.

Giant cake with some super pretty sprinkles!

The only bad thing about the show is : At the end I felt the venue were very forceful in trying to get everyone out. Once the time hit 5pm it was like get out now! No announcements to say please finish your final purchases ….

Otherwise Great day wish I went for 2/3 days as there was plenty to see and do and different things on each day.

Can’t wait until the next one next year.

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