Wright’s baking : Scone mix

I was delighted to receive some baking mixes through the post from Wright’s baking!

As a kid I remember buying things like this but as years go on I’ve found it more easy to buy everything separately to make a variety of things with many recipes which you can edit yourself. But on the other hand I understand some people are a little clueless and don’t want to buy all the separate components to make a one off set in this instance scones.

The first baking mix I’m trying out is the traditional scone mix :

So I read the packaging thinking I would have to add all the fresh ingredients ; egg, butter & milk. But nooooo I was so surprised to find I just have to add water. Also if you want it said you can add fruit.

After mixing the mix which wasn’t too wet or to dry, a perfect texture unlike some of my experiences with homemade batches. I on this case wasn’t in my own kitchen so had to improvise on shaping …

A quick bake in the oven & while in the oven I gathered the necessities of jam & clotted cream.

The end result

Overall I would say this mix is really simple & quick. But the taste is as good as some I’ve had on £30 afternoon tea stands.

Will you be trying out Wright’s baking scone kit?

Check out there rangehttps://wrightsbaking.co.uk/shop/

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