London coffee festival

The London coffee festival is an annual 4 day event during London coffee week. Hosted at Shorditche’s old truman brewery in London, brick lane.

I purchased early bird tickets @ £14.50 for the brunch session on Saturday. Each session is 3hr

When we arrived there was a clear queue to get in, which went round the block.On entry we received a LCF tote bag and a sand downs cold brew coffee, this is just the start of all the caffeine! Eeek

The place was full of stalls and people enticing you into their stand which smiles and the star of the show mainly caffeine based beverages.I was defiantly going to leave bouncing off the walls!

There were many occasions to have a go to try the newest coffee machines. Also workshops to help solve you barista issues. My issue is just I’ve been out of practice 😂

Coffee masters competition was running throughout the four days and watching the competition is just next level coffee.

Latte art live , was hugely busy but boy was it amazing to see. Latte art champions pouring the most pretty latte arts ever!

Matcha was also present at the festival which is one of my new favs. watching them make it the traditional way is also a sight to see.

Not only was there coffee stalls , but there was a good range of teas , snacks etc with over 250+ stalls to visit.

Twinnings are realeasing a cold infusion teabag which you just drop into cold water. This is a huge game changer of not using squash but something more flavoursome.

There just wasn’t enough time to see everything! 4 compact floors of coffee, teas & snacks etc.

I had a fab time at LCF , found it very busy as they couldn’t control if people do leave at the end of their 3hr session but a very educational weekend on the coffee front as well as finding loads of new brands and see up and coming launches.

Will you be attending the London coffee festival next year?

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