Elderflower cordial

Summer is the season (starting late May to early July ) where elderflower starts to bloom. The trees ones identified are literally everywhere!

white & pink different varieties

Picking the elderflower

Choose a nice dry sunny day, use scissors to chop the stalks carefully upright to keep as much pollen as possible. Pollen is the source of the unique flavour and fragrance without it may loose some of this. Try take a basket as a bag will make it wilt in the slightest of ways.

Making elderflower cordial

elderflower heads with lemon & citric acid in a bucket ready to be infused.

*Makes 1.5L*


  • 1.5L water
  • 1.5kg sugar
  • 3 lemons
  • 30 heads of elderflower
  • 40g citric acid


  1. Clean the elderflower , picking off any bugs , remove stalks
  2. Place sugar and water into a pan and boil until it’s syrup like consistency
  3. Prepare the lemons , if you want a more lemony cordial you can zest the lemons first then slice them or just slice them depending on how citrusy you want it.
  4. So in a container you have elderflower heads, lemon & citric acid. Pour over the hot syrup making sure it covers all the flowers. Also make sure to cover the container then leave to infuse for a minimum of 24hr
  5. After infusing for the minimum 24hr strain over a sieve with Muslim cloth over if you don’t have muslin a good quality tea towel will also do the job. Another note if you don’t wast the elderflower / pick out all the bugs the dead bugs will be filtered out at this point.
  6. Store in sterilised bottles
  7. Enjoy diluted with water, soda and prosecco

The citric acid acts as a preservative so it should last for 6weeks or you can also freeze it down into ice cubes ready to add to drinks!

Alternatively put in other fruits to infuse to replace lemon. Rhubarb works well

Will you be making some elderflower cordial this summer?

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