The bubble wrap

In the early 1950s, egg waffles firstly appeared in Hong Kong and have since become a popular street snack.

Bubble wrap now In china town London is a little shop which has queues up to 45m to get these bubble wraps!

I went to find out what the big fuss is all about.

When I arrived there was a queue of around 20-30 people I assumed the wait was going to be about 20m

The queue slowly moves but the closer you get into the store the more you get to see!

They have 3 special waffle toasters which 1 person is standing making them non stop, to fill the demand! The waffles each take about 2m each then around 1m to set into shape .

The next station is filling the bubble waffle wrap with gelato and depending on which wrap you picked or designed yourself the wrap is filled and passed on to the garnish section

I went for the nutty one

In all honesty it seemed nutty because of the gelato was hazelnut but it had been drenched in chocolate sauce which I didn’t find was needed.

But the big question is ; was this worth queuing 25m for? For the novelty and experience yes but for what it was I’m going to say no. I’ve had better gelato. But I will say the wrap is nice and fluffy and even a little warm from being so fresh!

Why everyone goes to this particular store to get the bubble waffle also is because they claim to be the ones that do it best and have been doing it since 2015

Would you queue for a bubble wrap? And what flavour would you go for?

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