Bmof ; SCOOP , a wonderful ice cream world

The British Museum of Food is hosting a pop up ice cream museum in Kings Cross, for this summer only! Just right especially in the heat wave!

This exhibition was marketed as a unique experience but fell short of expectation. It tells you all about the past , present and future of ice cream in a multi sensory manner.

Inside the freezer with a giant ice cube

The exhibition is open from July 3rd-30th September so book your ticket soon.

In the museum they have some very vintage and one of a kind equipments that have been used in the age of makings ice creams

Part of the exhibit you get to make your own ice cream in Marshall’s cookery school.

On the lead up to the cookery school there is a wall of scents , you smell these to help you pick a flavour when you get inside

You use 5 ice cubes to 2 scoops of salt , use there ice cream formula with 2 drops of MSK flavouring – I went for bubblegum and you then shake vigorously for 3 minutes straight. I guess you have to work out to have some type of guilty pleasures. After shaking, you open the lid , I opened to find mine empty it had all leaked out , other peoples were slightly thicker but more like a milkshake consistency. Nobody in my group actually had ice cream from shaking …

Entering the next room it was full of more ice cream memorabilia; walls of all postcards which all are ice cream related!

Next part is sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream , trying to show they’re new ice cream Moo-phoria off.

The study here is showing brain waves while eating ice cream and it’s very interesting to see to say the least. Each coloured line represents something different.

They didn’t actually have any Moo-phoria on the day I went – apparently a supplier issue. Quite disappointing as they didn’t say until I asked expecting them to be able to tell me the new ranges flavours etc but they seemed to know not much about Ben and Jerry’s , which seemed slightly worrying all things considered it’s a Ben and Jerry’s collaboration.

You can see clearly my brain waves got very excited!

Last bit of the museum was a glow in the dark ice cream , eating ice cream in the dark is becoming a thing now!

The ice cream it’s self was from a soft serve machine and was very melty from the moment it came out , wouldn’t say it was quite set myself. They added some drops on it which is what made it glow

Didn’t seem to glow as much as I thought it would.

In the foyer there is a shop called conehenge where you can purchase more ice cream but in weird and wacky flavours ; dandelion.

I thought the museum for a pop up was jam packed with loads of amazing artefacts, tried to be interactive and get you hands on. However I definitely thought there would be more ice cream involved!

Overall I would say I you want to know about ice cream history its worth a whirl, if you’re going for ice cream you’re better off going else where.

*Tickets provided for press visit but all thoughts are my own*

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