Feeding your skin ; with Lush this winter.

I went to Lush Basingstoke’s winter blogger event.

I went in wanting to get to know the winter range and see what ingredients they’ve used this year that are different to previous.

The staff made us feel so welcome, they had a little plan for the evening all set out including getting hands on with making some products!

Lush Basingstoke turned the fresh face mask table into a little refuel station with infused water and fresh fruits which I thought was so nice as it’s very on brand to them.

We started to get hands on with some of this year’s range.

I love how Lush have so many more ‘solid’ products as it means plastic free! Saving the planet 1 bottle at a time.And potentially more uses as less going down the drain etc. The solid products seem to have gotten way way creamier than I’ve seen previous years!

We got to make our very own Lord of Misrule bath bomb which is one of my seasonal favs which seems to return every year, the bath bomb turns the bath water a nice wine red! How lavish does it to feel to be bathing in wine? But I love the scent which has black pepper which is really warming , patchouli oil which gives it that earthy tone & a subtle tone of vanilla.

So the process of making a bath bomb; mixing the citric and colour half of the powder is totally like mixing things for baking and pressing it is kinda on par! Ild take a job in the Lush factory any day.

Being a chef has totally made me smell all things and be like smells like this …. this and this … turns into a game aha. Then you check the ingredients and be like yhessss!

I saw a new product this year called Plum pudding which is a bath melt, comes wrapped up, with a string that is supposed to untie for you to tie onto your tap for even distribution. But this is such a soft soothing product, and I think it’s down to all the nice ingredients like oats , almonds and the base being cocoa butter.

The team did an amazing thing of mixing perle de sel and the plum pudding together and it essentially makes a bath cocktail. So so awesome mixing scents & colours. The water was so shimmery!

I can’t wait to try my bath bombs I made & all the other seasonal goodies!

Goodie bag contents

What’s your fav skin food from lush this winter?

Thank you to Lush Basingstoke for hosting the event

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