Offbeat New Forest : ‘Give a cluck’ night

Offbeet a vegan restaurant located in New forest Southampton on Sunnyfields farm hosted a special chicken themed night ‘Give a Cluck’, all in the aid of Dean Farm Trust, a charity which supports neglected & ill treated animals!

I went along with a group of bloggers Gemma, Nicole, Matthew & Ryan. All from sotonbloggers group who made great company for a fab meal.

First I just wanted to say I don’t usually eat a lot of vegan foods but I’m all for trying everything, and boy it was a decision well made as it was so tasty for it not being meat! Don’t write it off just because it’s vegan!

The special themed menus for the night!

As a meat eater I wasn’t all that knowledgable of how they would make eveything vegan and advertise it as chicken, even being a chef! I’m was only really aware of the alternatives like quorn but there’s a substitute call Seitan, and that’s what a lot of the menu was made up of.

This was a vegan shake I decided to have along side my meal. After all it was all so American themed ish to me I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never had vegan cream before and it taste just like the normal, really creamy!

Korean kimchi wings

To start we had a couple of sides, Korean kimchi wings & Buffalo bill wings. I much preferred the kimchi ones as it was so fresh, zingy , spicy and I love pickled bits . The buffalo bill one was sticky and kinda tasted like TGI Friday wings! I mean that’s a compliment in its self for making non meat items taste just as good as meat right! Buffalo bill wings

Proper good Caesar salad

I opted for the Caesar salad for my main which had all the flavours or a Caesar salad you expect. The Parmesan on the dish was made with cashew parmesan so everything really does have a substitute?! The dish was made for me by the amazing rice paper bacon on it so smokey! I wanted more!

I wasn’t sure I had room for dessert having been fed so well already but I’m a such a sweet tooth who can’t resist!

A spread of all the desserts on offer.

Warm chocccy brownie which is what I went for as I’m again such a chocoholic and love to try brownies everywhere. I was worried with the brownie having no egg in it it would be dry. But the brownie was warm & moist which was then served with vanilla cashew cream which really went with the richness of the brownie 😛

Another of the desserts was a Orange polenta cake and I got to say I love the plating of this dish.

And last but not least the Apple crumble caramel tart which again looks fab and I love the spritz up of colour with the purple.Ice cream matcha from bird & blend tea.

I had the Ice cream matcha along side my dessert.

If you’re ever in Hampshire, Vegan or not I really recommend you to go to Offbeet eveything they make is so juicy and tasty!

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