The Sushi Maki

For the past few years, any time I have had a sushi craving I would have to travel to get good sushi or make my own. I love making my own sushi but it isn’t always convenient. So when I heard Festival Place were getting a new sushi place, Sushi Maki, I was thrilled.

I had never heard of Sushi Maki, which has one other store in Newbury but I was excited to try it out. Today I got to try it out while finishing off my shopping for my secret santa.

The restaurant is quite cozy with about 50 spaces, some of which is on a bar. We were recommended the Sushi of the Day platter – consisting of dragon roll, chikashi futomaki and tuna avocado roll.

One thing I liked was that the dragon roll had a lot of flavour with the sauce and salmon on the outside and the crunchy tempura prawn on the inside. They also had a little bit of asparagus too inside the roll giving more texture.

I didn’t realise until stepping inside is that they also offer takeaway options – convenient for grab and go healthy lunch.

The experience here is very different to the ones you get in chains (Itsu, Wasabi and Yo), with how the servers are happy to help and recommend. I will be back soon to fufil that sushi craving.

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