I got recommended by a few friends in the kitchen to go to Wokyko!

So when I had the night off I made my way to Wapping wharf Bristol.

Wapping wharf had parking specifically for the cargo area but at the weekend you can only do the £5 for all day option 😬

Anyways all parked up I looked round to find Wokyko. While wondering around the cargo blocks about 6.30 on a Sunday I will say it was a bit of a ghost town where quite a lot of the small businesses were shut! Shame really but maybe I’ll have to pop back during daylight hours. I like to see independent restaurants, to me stand out more than the average high street restaurant.

I found Wokyko and I couldn’t open then door because it wasn’t push or pull it was a super Asian door a slidey one!! Very rare to see these out and about:

First impressions was that the decor was authentic , paper umbrellas hanging on the ceiling , bench style table. The place probably fits around 15-18people comfortably but they do have the option of outdoor seating too.

The food options are very simple just different fillings mainly. Deep fat fried or wok fried but with the kitchen being so small in the cargo environment I wasn’t expecting them to do crazy things.

I ordered a Korean kimchi bao and ssam short rib.

The food came out very quickly but I did notice that was the same for all tables.

The food was quick and easy to eat! Like any Asian street food.

The meat packed a punch in flavour!

I just read that the owner Larkin cen was a masterchef finalist where they described him as fun spin on Asian food and unique.

I really want to visit there other branch on queens road to try the noodle soups they offer.

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