Miami burger

Today I went along to Miami burger in Reading The Oracle. It’s newly opened so I wanted to check out what it was all about.

I met the owner Tom, where we sat and had a chat about the brand Miami burger. There was so much more than appeared to the eye. I wasn’t expecting to find out half as much as I did. But now I can really say it’s been properly done and has so much heart in it. All this kind of came from a project that he started himself while making seitan at home then it got massively upscaled.

Miami burger stands for many things vegan – 100% plant based, less sugar , plastic free so all the packaging they use is compostable, and less fat. So it’s fast food that actually is healthy for you – for real!

The decor is very unique there is arcade games around the restaurant & a hill area where you can take your food and have a picnic as such. Also there is table football! Perfect for those quick bites & chilling if you have an office lunch break.

I tried The classic MB burger , chik ‘n strip with vegan mayo & ketchup , Mac n cheese and of course a vanilla milkshake!

The uk is 4th in the world with most people being overweight this concept is all about trying to take fast food to the next level by making it really healthy! Healthy but good af the same time.

All products have been sourced for the best of the best the cheese actually tastes like cheese and melts like cheese. I’ve tried some bad vegan cheese in the past!!

You can eat seven of the classic Miami burgers and still be on the same saturated fat / sugar as a McDonald burger! Say what!!!

This literarily is on the line up for the next food revolution.

Miami burger have plans to expand over the UK so make sure to keep an eye out if they pop up near you!

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