Dr oetker cookie kit

Leading home baking company Dr oetker has launched new cookie kit to follow trends with llama and cactus themed cookie kit.

I got sent one from Dr oetker to try out !

Have a look and see how it went

The kit doesn’t come with cutters but comes with paper templates but I am a chef and I had a alpaca cutter (which will suffice for this) and a cactus cutter.

I made my easy batch of vanilla cookies :

350g plain flour

100 self raising

1tsp vanilla bean paste or something similar

125g caster sugar

125g butter

1 egg

125g golden syrup

  1. Crumb all dry ingredients together , until it resembles bread crumbs
  2. Make a well and add the egg and golden syrup (top tip – mix the egg in a bowl and pour golden syrup on top it stops the syrup from sticking )
  3. Mix well until a ball is formed
  4. Roll out until 1/2 mm thickness
  5. Cut to desired shape
  6. 160 for 10m or until golden brown in colour

Dr oetker kit also has a recipe but I just use my own because I know they’re super tasty.

This kit is to decorate 12 but I made as many as my dough would do.

This is what the kit contained with thorough instructions.

Golden brown out the oven. Cool down before starting to decorate.

The base of the cookies getting covered in the ready to roll icing.

The cactus cookies decorated fully

This kit is a really cute and fun perfect for anyone! Who doesn’t love a alpaca and a cactus??

This kit would be perfect for those rainy days in with children but also as a cute little snack.

You can buy this kit for £4 in tescos and other supermarkets

Will you be making some mega cute cookies ?

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