Southampton airport priority lounge

I was flying to Alicante for my summer holiday from Southampton airport. Despite Southampton being 30m drive and train journey from my house I never flown from there.

I took the train as I didn’t want to pay to park and it seemed convenient to get the train which I found out the airport is literally across a road from the station!

I was flying with Flybe which is one of the main airlines that operate from Southampton airport.

They’re very strict on letting people pass through security as they check your luggage size before and put special tags on saying they’ve been approved. Most airlines in my experience usually do this at the gate, just before boarding.

I thought to myself maybe because it’s budget airline trying to make some more money. Personally I didn’t have a problem with my luggage size so I got tagged up and went through security with no problem.

When I got through I was impressed with the layout as it seemed simple and easy flowing.

I then made my way to the priority lounge where I was greeted by two lovely ladies Talia and Belinda who checked me into the lounge.

The lounge is a quiet zone so no announcements are made. You need to keep an eye on the board for gates and boarding.

As I went in the morning there was buffet breakfast available. Guessing if you went lunch and dinner time different things would be available.

The lounge is usually £23.50 but some tickets have special offers.

I think the lounge for me made my wait time fly by a little bit more smooth and fast with my mind at rest.

Will you be travelling from Southampton airport anytime soon? If yes treat your self to the priority lounge! It’s an experience that will start your holiday at the airport!

Keep an eye out for my next post on what I got up to on Alicante!

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