Chin chin labs ice cream

Every time in London I try to find a ice cream shop of some sort and I’ve quite the list of places to visit but this time I visited Chin chin labs in Camden.

Passionfruit kombucha. Crumble topping

Chin chin labs I’ve had on my list a while but never really go to that part of London. Even though they do have a couple of branches.

Pandan with honeycomb crunch topping

Chin chin labs looked like a unique ice cream shop to me becuase of the way they make the ice cream infornt of you with liquid nitrogen. It’s very theatrical and quite the show!

Salted caramel with marshmallow

Everyday there are different flavours , so 2 of the above passionfruit kombucha and the Pandan were flavours of the day. But they also do have generic staple flavours like Tonka (vanilla ) and chocolate by valhrona.

I would say the different flavours I saw were heavily Asian flavour orientated. But as I’ve only been this once I can’t say if it’s like that at all times.

The eating area is around 4-5 tables and can get pretty busy as with ordering the ice cream there is a slight wait. But you get to watch the liquid nitrogen do it’s magic creating big puffs of smoke. I mean yes there’s a wait but you know the ice cream is super fresh made for you!

Do you want to see some theatrical ice cream being made?! This is your best bet 😛

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