Thatchers cider tour

I made a visit to Home of Thatchers cider Myrtle farm, Somerset.

“Since 1904, four generations of the Thatcher family have been making cider at Myrtle Farm, in Sandford, Somerset. Thatchers passion for quality has led to an unrivalled range of premium ciders, with its deep knowledge of apple varieties resulting in innovative ciders that are full of flavour and with a distinct character that reflects English cidermaking at its best. Its ciders include flagship brand Thatchers Gold, Thatchers Haze, Thatchers Rosé, Thatchers Rascal, Thatchers Vintage and Thatchers Katy.

We visited the orchids where we saw a few of the 458 different varieties of apples they have.

Also had a taste. Some of the apples are very very high in tannin but each apple is catagorized into eating apples&cider apples. But each apple adds something special to each cider it’s for.

There’s actually a cider 458 which is made from a bit of each variety of apple!

Harvest season begins in mid August and runs till late November. When the apples aren’t there, the secret is they press Ribena blackcurrent squash here! Who knew?

In peak conditions of picking season 28 tonnes of apples are delivered each hour!

Thatchers are trialling a new method of apple recovering but also have the old school way too . Luckily I saw apples being delivered to both methods.

Old way delivery of apples to the Apple bay

New way being tested

Each batch of apples gets tested before washing and pressed.

The apple juice is then stored in tanks where the sugar turns into alcohol.

Then it’s moved to one of Thatchers’ 11 oak vats which are over 150 years old, and holds up to 120,000 pints of cider! Blimey! I wouldn’t mind having a swim in one of them hehee.

In the vats the cider gradually matures and softens. The cider is then tasted on a daily basis until the cider makers say it’s ready to be taken to be packaged.

We then had a look into the packaging space but unfortunately it doesn’t run on weekends. But when walking through I was imaging how loud it would be but also incredible with the speed of how fast the cider can get processed.

A visit wouldn’t be complete without visiting the cider shop which has again all ciders available to buy

Also I found this gem in the store Thatchers Gin!

The location also has a pub The railway inn where you can relax in the cosy traditional styled pub and enjoy a delicious meal or snack. They like to feature ingredients that are sourced locally.

They stock all thatchers here so the perfect place to try something new!

My new favourite is Thatchers Rose which is naturally sweet and pink from rosy red dessert apples , cripps pink , Fuji & Gala apples! 😋

Sharing platters

Are you a big fan of cider? If yes why not book yourself onto a cider tour?! Book early for weekend sessions as they are super popular and sell out like hot cakes!

*Press visit *

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