Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport has a special pop up in London Covent Garden this week to fuel positivity and asking people to pledge actions alongside the chocolate. Ritter Sport has a handful of company missions and a major one is to inspire and spread positivity in the UK market. The place is so brightly coloured outside and inside that it did boost my mood just by being there. The atmosphere was overflowing with joy and excitement! With it being half term the pop up was filled with kids making it really lively!

At the pop up you can make a personalised chocolate square lolly pop. There’s a range of toppings from unicorn sprinkles to toasted hazelnuts. The accompanying hot chocolate made this a perfect place to stop by and get away from the cold too. 

Some limited edition winter flavours were available here, including Dark Mint Crisp, Caramelised Almonds and Spiced Biscuit. In addition to that they had a special pick and mix cube – with flavours that aren’t available in the UK. I loved the caramel flavour and would highly recommend it. There are so many flavours of Ritter Sport chocolates – would you guess that the best sellers are Cornflakes and Marzipan?

When I was there at the press night, explorer extraordinaire Sophie Radcliffe gave a talk on how a positive attitude can have a large impact and starts with one step at a time. Then we made a positivity pledge; mine was inviting a friend to workout this week. Deffo going to be needed after indulging in all this chocolate heaven!

One thing I learnt from event was that in 2012 Ritter Sport bought their first plantation in Nicaragua to develop a more sustainable cocoa cultivation. I think this is a brilliant thing to know that the products are sustainable, especially due to the current situation regarding the environment. 

I’m so excited to try all these chocolates especially the winter range! Which is your favourite Ritter Sport flavour?

If you have time to check it out, do pop down for some chocolate goodness, positivity pledge and #PositivityFuel to keep you going through the winter months. 

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