Mr Lees noodles

Mr lees pot noodles comes in 6 flavours

I’m a big fan of pot noodles, so when I came across this brand which started up in Bournemouth I was very excited!

I love finding and supporting local brands as much as I can especially when they’re in Asian cuisine category. I find it rare to find good Asian food.

Initial thoughts , the flavours all sounded lovely and that they have loads of freeze dried bits in the pots! I love the bits in pot noodles!

I was most excited to try the Hong Kong street beef. But it was a bit of a disappointment. The flavour of 5 spice was there but overpowered with way too much star anise it took over the whole pot. But I can say I liked the rice noodles & the bits of beef in it.

Hong Kong street beef

Mr lees noodles are free of MSG unlike all other pot noodles you usually find

The story behind the noodles:

Damien Lee was diagnosed with cancer and was told he had 5 weeks to live. During that time he craved pot noodles but normal ones were full of junk! And he knew eating them wouldn’t help him get better.

“I vowed when I got better to revolutionise noodles. And get better I did! I was given the all clear and Mr Lee’s Noodles was born”

The packaging is recyclable : but also cool to see this haha

I overall think that Mr Lees noodles are made with good intention and that it’s born from a good story background but it’s for the western market. I don’t think Asians would approve of the flavour, sadly. It’s got too much of certain spices throughout the pots.

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