Kala thai preview!

On Thursday the 6th I was invited to the preview of Kala Thai in Bournemouth to see what’s to come (it opened on 7th) When I arrived it was still undergoing some decor. Who doesn’t love a super fresh venue!

The inside of Kala thai : lovely authentic deco booths

On the night it was very strange as to the social distancing measures but for the safety of all. Seating arrangements and so on.

When we went in we got cocktails , I was on the mocktails. Bar manager Mitch is a super mixologist who creates classics and twists! Making his own syrups and as any good barmen should you can say to him I want a fruity and sour drink and he’ll whip something up for you! I started with a kiwi cooler

Kiwi cooler mocktail!

Jackie from ROUTEPR then did the intro of the restaurant telling us all about Kala thai!

They had a lot going on with last minute fixtures as Covid delayed the custom ordered shutters and things to come!

But the most interesting part of the decor was that some of the tables are from the new forest and made from fallen trees! I absolute love this so much!

Logos stamped to show they are the special ones!

We were all so excited about The food! Jackie explained that owner Tom and team make everything in store from the spring rolls to curry pastes! Usually a lot of restaurants but in pre made spring rolls etc. Tom also tries to use locally sourced ingredients where possible.

Buffet spread

So with the social distancing measures going on we couldn’t do it in real buffet style for safety but we as chef Tom on hand to serve everyone! And while he was serving he was happy to answer any questions

I tried everything it all looked too good I couldn’t resist!

I’m really impressed with the food. The curry tastes authentic but could have been more spicy for me.

The menus is full of your all time thai favs but also some specials that you’ve probably not seen before. Tom and his team are very passionate and is from BangKok and that’s where all the inspo for the menus came from!

Mitch head Barman

If you’re in Bournemouth a fancy a taste of thailand with the current restrictions this is the place and they’re taking part in the help out to eat our Scheme too! All the more reason to support the local newly opened 😀

*Pr invite*

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