Panda sweets Pick N Mix

I’m a huge fan of Pick N Mix but it’s a real treat when I get it as it is a rare occasion . And recently due to covid I’ve not been able to go into a shop and pick my own. So I’m so happy I came across Panda sweets!

Pick n mix

I got a 1kg box which the seeets came in a sealed bag to keep well and for freshness. Which would usually cost £7.49

Panda sweets provide a postal pick n mix sweets! Loads of choice! 600+ varieties I’m sure it’s one of the biggest range of sweets to pick from I’ve seen that offer that much. Fizzy , gummy , laces & loads of retro sweets like popping candy

My personal Favorite changes all the time depending on my mood but also what I’ve not had in a while. This time it was the bubblegum fizzy bottles!

The pickings were picked by resident expert Peanut the panda! How cute!

Do you spot your fav?!

Perfect for anyone you know working from home as a pick me up or even for Christmas coming up!

15% off with code AMELIA

What’s your fav sweet of all time?!

*Gifted box of sweets *

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