Gudetama’s lazy lounge cafe

I had a Gude day visiting Gudetama’s lazy lounge in Brighton.which is located in east street Brighton

The cafe is located above artbox boutique. The boutique stocks a lot of Sanrio items. As well as other bits but more can be found on the online shop. The shop is quite compact but nice they try to stock as much as they possibly can.

The artbox boutique has an upstairs with a cafe. The theme of the cafe changes roughly once over every 6 months before this it was pusheen’s snack parlour, and now its currently gudetama I had to book in advance £5 booking fee redeemable on items purchased. Due to covid they’ve had to limit the amount of people in the cafe and shop so walk ins can try but very limited.

I booked a table prior to my visit. Each booking is for 1 hour. To ensure you don’t feel rushed and have a good experianrce . It was very busy due to it being half term.

The staff are very nice and friendly. They greeted us downstairs and took us to our table upstairs.

The menus is made up of savoury and sweet items. Toasties , hot dogs , ice cream sundaes and waffles.

Good covid measures in place all the tables were clean and tidy.

We ordered : Peach popping tea , mango popping tea , elderflower sprits.

All drinks come with limited edition coasters that you can take away. But they only had 3 designs left and no Halloween limited edition ones left which was a shame as I believe Halloween is running until November.

The popping teas were really quick to appear. They looked so cute I mean everything is cute here haha

The popping teas both tasted quite the same so was slightly disappointed in the drink.

For food we had the limited edition Halloween food : Vampy vanilla pudding , which was made up of a vanilla pudding like a panna cotta with a scoop of pumpkin spice ice cream and black sesame ice cream

Vampy vanilla pudding

We also ordered the lemon meringue nest which was made up of a meringue filled with lemon curd with a face on so looked like a fried egg they did add gudes face on – cute!! Also a scoop of honeycomb ice cream and the butt macaron!! Egg butt!!

Lemon meringue nest

The lemon meringue nest was all a bit random the dish doesn’t really have a main element. The fruit was rather un fresh and wrinkled. Everything was also stuck on the plate from melted white chocolate , not a white chocolate sauce. Kinda also seemed like a lot of the food might have been made In advance?

Towards the end of our visit the staff kept circling around our table it was slightly off but I didn’t notice our hour was nearly up and they kinda wanted us to make a move. so we settled our bill. If you want to return to the boutique shop you have to rejoin the queue outside. This didn’t make sense to me 😫

I really enjoyed the concept of the cafe! As a huge fan of gudetama! The vibe was very kawaii (cute in Japanese ) and it’s the type of place you visit once. I mean until they change the character then I might get lured back ahaaa

Matcha ice cream cone

The cafes food does come with quite a hefty price tag for what they are offering on the food front I think the price for the ice cream and drinks are average for a city cafe drink.

If you’re a fan of gudetama you have I think they said until next month to visit as the store character will be changing!

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